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Escort and Massage in the USA

Escort and massage workers in the USA are often undocumented immigrants. Although the industry is illegal, some immigrant women are compelled to work in these businesses to make ends meet. Undocumented workers also face the risk of retaliation from traffickers and feel morally obligated to their employers in CityVibe.

Some women in the industry come to the United States with heavy debt burdens. They struggle to find work in nail salons or restaurants, but these jobs don’t cover their five-figure debts. The massage industry tries to take advantage of this predicament by presenting itself as an easy way to make fast money.

There are many illegal massage parlors operating in the USA. These companies use euphemistic terms and can be found in large and small cities. According to a study, there are 9,000 such businesses in the US. These facilities provide manual or oral massages. The study’s authors believe that the illicit massage industry is a growing part of the US economy.

Despite the number of sting operations against massage parlors, few of these cases result in any convictions. According to USA TODAY, a review of 500 cases in Florida from 2008 to 2017 shows that only 15% of such cases resulted in a conviction. Many of the charges were changed or dropped. Only three of the arrested spa workers ended up with a trafficking conviction. The report also found that Hollywood police conducted undercover operations at 24 Broward County spas.

The study also found that women working in the massage industry struggle to pay their debts and often fall victim to labor traffickers or loan sharks. Many of the women are rotated between multiple spas run by the same owners. In addition to the costs of their employment, they must purchase supplies, pay for condoms, and sleep on massage tables.

A report in USA TODAY reveals a growing network of suspect massage parlors in Florida. The report shows that an undercover officer said Zhang accepted $200 for oral sex during the massage. After the investigation, Zhang signed a deferred prosecution agreement that included community service and HIV/AIDS testing. Her case shows the need for untangling the sex trade network.

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